Every bottle is small batch, hand crafted, and steeped for a minimum of 30 days. Each bottle is hand dipped into wax with a nylon reinforced tear tape to ensure tamper resistance. Every bottle comes with a childproof dropper to provide maximum safety. The objective of The Philosopher's Stone is to produce a five star superior E-liquid product that excels to a class all by itself.

Owners Story: " I never envisioned myself as a business owner, let alone the artist to concoct one of the finest quality liquids on the market. I was just trying to quit smoking cigarettes for the benefit of my wife, children, and myself. I wanted to walk my little girl down the isle one day without the need for an oxygen tank. During my journey to quit smoking I became frustrated with the inconsistencies in the favorite liquids I was using. Every bottle I purchased seemed to have a different volume, color, or taste. Mind the fact I was constantly cleaning my coils and cotton. With a Micro-Bio background and many years of bartending I decided to dive into mixing. I sought out the cleanest, highest grade products I could find on the market. Cost was not an influence as it was only for me and I wanted nothing but the best. As time rolled on and my recipes perfected a demand for my liquids had arose and The Philosopher's Stone was born. I carried over the same recipes so I could deliver a unique, unsurmountable product. Each bottle filled to the brim, aged to perfection, and always consistently clean." - Ike
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