Huntsville, Texas-based Primitive Vapor Co. was founded by long time vapors Brandon Degrave and Christopher Bowman. After discovering he had a serious heart condition in 2011, Christopher, concerned with the effects his smoking habit would have on his heart, made the switch to vaping, and brought his friend Brandon along for the ride.

Five years later after dabbling around with DIY e-liquid mixing and a few side projects with his partner Brandon, they decided to move forward with an e-liquid company focused on perfecting the un-perfectable. With Chris’ background in culinary arts (a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu) and Brandon’s business acumen, they created Primitive Vapor Co. with a commitment to challenge the e-liquid market with flavor profiles never before seen, and all day vapes that shouldn’t be all day vapes.

Their first flavor, Vestige, is a perfect example. Everyone says key lime flavors can be good, but are not all-day-vape-able. Vestige throws that theory out the window, as can be seen by its rabid fan base and instant success in the vape market.

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