We provide unique premium e-liquid.  We take pride in creating a premium product.  The facility were we are produced utilizes a Certified ISO 7 Clean Room to engineer e-liquid in a clean and contaminant-free environment.

Everyone who works here is family whether its thru blood or friendship. We like to think that the flavors we have come up with everyone will enjoy.  The cool thing about us is whether you are buying wholesale or individually from us we donate a portion of the profit for the Humane Society and the rest of the profit goes towards starting a large breed retirement home.  The way we feel as dog lovers is if you don’t take grandma to get put down when she gets old or sick why would you the puppers?  

We will always provide the best customer service you will find in the industry.  We stand behind our products, and are in constant contact with our flavor manufacturers to ensure there are no undesirable ingredients.  We take great pride in our premium e-liquid, and would like to provide you with an amazing, flavorful vape. 

We are proud of what we do and what we have accomplished. Our main goal is the satisfaction and safety of our fellow vapers! Also to give all the dogs a few more days.


Love to you all,

The Rescued Family

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