The Steam Co. is a vape shop, lounge, and eliquid brewery based out of Orange, Connecticut. The Steam Company was founded by former heavy smokers who, thanks to vaping, were able to finally shed themselves of the smoking habit. After many years of smoking, and many failed attempts to quit, our founders felt compelled to spread the vaping culture to every smoker willing to listen. It was that passion that gave birth to the company we know today as The Steam Company.

We weren't satisfied with the choice in e-liquid, e-cig devices, or service around the Connecticut area. We knew we could do better, and we decided to throw our hat into the ring and put forward a product whose quality is undeniably exquisite. We are a creative group, with a business model that solves huge problems with the vaping industry. Accessibility, and Quality. Our e-juice is pre-steeped, and brewed in a manner that ensures quality and delicious flavor, using a process only rivaled in detail by the finest wine, bourbon, and beer distillers.

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