Delta 10 E-Liquid

BIO - Delta 10 E-Liquid

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30ml, 625mg, Alternative, Berry Blast, BIO, Delta 10

BIO - Delta 10 E-Liquid

Bio Delta 10 E-Liquids provide you with the ability to enjoy your favorite mildly psychoactive cannabinoid in a refillable vaping setup of your choice, with a formula made for higher output levels. The e-liquid contains only the finest delta 10 THC extracts in addition to terpenes taken from the most iconic strains on the hemp market.

Compatible with Refillable Tanks and Cartridges

While pre-filled vape carts and disposable devices are certainly convenient, many of us enjoy the opportunity to vape hemp compounds in more advanced systems that utilize refillable tanks or cartridges. This vape oil is made specifically for these types of systems, with base ingredients more suitable to higher-output vaping without burning your precious cannabinoids and terpenes. Keep in mid formula is only for refillable systems, as it cannot be used in pre-filled carts and disposables.

625mg Per 30ml Bottle

Each 30ml bottle of e-liquid contains 625 milligrams total, providing you with the ideal concentration of delta 10 THC for maximum enjoyment, combined with terpenes that add to the flavor, aroma, and properties of the hemp extract. Of course, the formula contains only third-party tested compounds that are rated high for their purity levels.

Store in a cool, dry, and dark place. 

Lab Results: Click Here (Opens in a new window)

Product contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.

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