80V / Cassadaga Premium E-Liquid

From the minds behind Cassadaga Liquids and Beantown Vapor comes 80V E-Liquid. Responsibly manufactured in the USA with unparalleled craftsmanship, these accurate, authentic and delicious flavors are some of the most popular e-liquids available today.

John Nathan and Cassadaga Liquids are known for the stunningly accurate cannoli flavored e-liquids in the Cannoli Be series, while Steven Sapir from Beantown built his brand from the ground up by crafting high-quality small-batch liquids such as Oh-Face and Soul Custardy. Together, they have created some of the finest eliquids imaginable. The original 80V favorites - Souly Cannoli, Bean Bags, and Honey Mellow - were designed to make dessert lovers drool, but the 80V vapes don’t end there.

80V has grown and expanded to include additional lines and e-liquid flavors to please any palate. Chewjitsu, a series of fruit-chew flavors, the delectable pie flavors of the Pye Liquids line, plus the incredibly accurate smoothie eliquids from the Smooth-E Liquids line are just a few of the other lines made by the 80V team. There’s an all-day-vape for everyone, and we’re proud to have the delicious eliquids from 80V

NOTE: Massachusetts orders require additional processing time of 3-4 days for shipping. Ordering 2 or more per order is appreciated.