WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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The Kind Pen - Mist 510 Battery
Kind Pen - Mist 510 Battery  Mist! Exclusive item here at The Kind Pen, meeting the demands of today's oil and extraction users. Equipped with our own 0.5ML ceramic/wickless glass reusable cartridge, while also able to use your own 510...
$27.99 $24.99
Hamilton Devices - Cloak Vape Pen Battery
Hamilton Devices - Cloak Vape Pen Battery The Cloak has arrived from Hamilton Devices! This amazing 510 cartridge vape device offers powerful performance alongside discreet use. The clever ergonomic design of the Cloak™ battery “Cloaks” or hides your vaping cartridges,...
$26.99 $25.99
Blunt Blast Incense Sticks 12ct
Blunt Blast Incense Sticks 12ct Each stick burns up to 1 hour! Wide variety of scents One pack contains 12 sticks Made in USA Important Info: Light tip of stick, allow flame to catch, then blow out. Never leave unattended....
$3.99 $2.99
Hamilton Devices - PS1 2 in 1 Double Concentrate and Cartridge Bubbler
Hamilton Devices - PS1 2 in 1 Double Concentrate and Cartridge Bubbler The PS1 is the world’s first 2-in-1 DOUBLE vape cartridge and concentrate bubbler, and is the ultimate device for concentrate lovers. This dual-purpose bubbler allows you to interchange...
$80.00 $75.00
Mini Cartomizer (Match PB1) by Hamilton Devices
Mini Cartomizer (Match PB1) by Hamilton Devices Hamilton Devices Mini Cartomizer is specifically made for our PB1. This cartomizer creates a discreet way to enjoy the concentrate. With a ceramic quartz heating plate and upgraded structure design, the wax coil...
$14.99 $12.99
Bio Stix Glass One Hitter
Bio Stix Glass One Hitter Check out these Bio Stix Glass One Hitters! They come in assorted colors, and are made of thick glass. Used for dry herb.  Color is chosen at random.
$6.99 $4.99
One Hitter Cigarette
One Hitter Cigarette 3 inch long metal cigarette one hitter. These are great for on the go, or if you don't want to attract any attention! 
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Spinner 3S 510 Cart Battery
Spinner 3S 510 Cart Battery The Spinner 3 S 1600mAh vape pen battery is compatible with all 510-threaded cartridges. This pen allow you to power up your favorite carts with long-lasting battery life. With a variable voltage adjustable between 3.6...
$19.99 $18.99
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Cartisan - Black Box NEO
Cartisan - Black Box NEO The most popular and beloved Cartisan product ever made is now even better! The Black Box NEO is an update to the best selling product in the Cartisan line. Since Black Box launched almost 3 years ago, we've...
$39.99 $35.00
Leaf Buddi Ccell Empty Cartridge 1ml
Leaf Buddi Ccell Empty Cartridge 1ml Cartridge Features:* Capacity: 1.0ml* Diameter: 11.5mm* Mouthpiece: Metal* Hole Size: 1.5mm* Resistance: 1.9 Ohm* Vertical Ceramic Coil For use with 510 cartridge pen battery devices. These empty carts can be filled with E-Liquid (Freebase/Regular...
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M-CODE Translator Replacement Film-Tech Coil
M-CODE Translator Replacement Film-Tech Coil Replacement atomizer/coil for your M-CODE Translator Wax & Dry Herb Vaporizer.  Make sure to turn off your device before taking out the coil, and when installing a new coil (5 clicks to turn on/off). Patented...
$29.99 $24.99
Ugly House Stash Jar
Ugly House Stash Jar Seal your stash up tight with these sleek air-tight stash jars. Smell Proof Air-Tight Vacuum Seal BPA Free Smooth Silicone Sleeve Child-Resistant Cap with Push Seal 9oz Capacity 
$34.99 $32.99
Assorted Mini Glass Bubbler
Assorted Mini Glass Bubbler  Check out these mini glass bubblers, perfect size for a small sesh, or as a gift to your fellow connoisseur.  Assorted colors ~4.5" tall Pictures are examples
$14.99 $9.99
Wild Hemp Wraps
$1.29 $0.99
Wild Hemp Wraps
Wild Hemp Wraps  Are you tired of the same old blunt wraps and ready to have a better smoking experience?  For a slow and even burn, Wild Hemp Wraps are crafted from the highest quality hemp plants and are designed...
$1.29 $0.99
4" Assorted Glass Hand Pipe
4" Assorted Glass Hand Pipe Assorted colors and designs Thick glass 4-5" in length Colors are chosen at random, picture is for example
$12.99 $7.99
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Hamilton Devices - Tombstone Vape Pen Battery
Tombstone by Hamilton Devices Hamilton Devices presents the world's best double cartridge battery, the Tombstone. It boasts of compact design that offers easy mobility, despite having the ability to fit two cartridges at a single time. Its double feature allows you to...
$34.99 $32.99
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Yocan - Uni Pro 510 Battery
The YoCan UNI Pro Vaporizer Mod is a newly updated design of the previous version, improving it with a adjustable voltage based output, 10s preheating functionality, and is equipped with  adjustable height and width settings to neatly accomodate any and...
$35.99 $34.99
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Metal Pipe Screens 5pk
Metal Pipe Screens 5pk Are you tired of wasting your dry herb, having it fall through the bowl piece, or are you sick of getting those scooby snacks? (That means when you're smoking a bowl without a screen and the...
Eyce Silicone Hand Pipe
Eyce Silicone Hand Pipe The silicone spoon pipe for sale is a part of the smoker's arsenal like the katana sword to a ninja. Every smoker has one, but you'll be the first in the crew to have one like...
$24.99 $19.99
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Randy's Path Replacement Tips (Path 1) 5pk
Randy's Path Replacement Tips (Path 1) 5pk Choose Your Path! The Randy's Path Plus Crushed Quartz Replacement Coils are specifically designed for the Randy's Path Electric Nectar Collector. Comes in a pack of 5. Because of similar design and construction,...
$35.00 $32.99
Assorted One Hitter Chillum
Assorted One Hitter Chillum Beautifully colored and designed, classic OG glass chillums. Chillums are one of the most simple smoking devices out there. Just pack some herbs in the bowl, light it up, and enjoy.  Assorted Colors/Designs/Shapes ~3.5" length Thick...
$10.99 $9.99
D&k Wood Top Flower Grinder
D&k Wood Top Flower Grinder Check out these wood top grinders! They're sized perfectly and have some pretty sharp teeth to get that grinding job done. These grinders do not store the ground pieces, but they do store the kief. ...
$15.99 $14.99
Funky Farms 510 Vape Battery
Funky Farms 510 Vape Battery The Funky Farms 510 Threaded Battery is specially designed for Funky Farms Vape Tank Cartridges, but will work with any 510 threaded vape tanks. It is a rechargeable 280mAh battery with an output of 2.8V....
$8.99 $7.99
Randy's Loov Tabletop Multi-Purpose Vaporizer
Randy's Loov Tabletop Multi-Purpose Vaporizer A multi-purpose tabletop vaporizer unlike any other that lets you “fill it up and tip it back” in your session for a completely unique experience. Loov is Randy's newest vaporizer, offering a session unlike any you’ve...
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