WARNING: This product contains nicotine. 
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Comp Lyfe – Hobby Delights
Low Rider Housing - Comp Lyfe
Low Rider | Housing DESCRIPTION Want to change the look of your tube? Make it shorter perhaps? The Low Rider housing adds a sleek and minimal option to your set up! Full Assembly housings come standard with a short throw style copper...
$130.00 $85.00
Sold Out
Brass Hacksaw 21700 w/ Ceasefire Switch - Comp Lyfe
Brass Hacksaw 21700 Mech w/ Ceasefire Brass Knurled Switch - Comp LyfeCustom Coated by David Harrick Introducing the 21700 Hacksaw Brass Mech Mod. Can you handle the heat? If this isn't already a timeless design, Comp Lyfe has etched their Join the Resistance...
$525.00 $400.00
Copper Piranha 21700 w/ Low Rider Switch - Comp Lyfe
Copper Piranha 21700 Mech w/ Low Rider Smooth Switch - Comp LyfeCustom Coated by David Harrick The Piranha is here! With an hourglass-like shape that supplies a comfortable grip along the tapered, bottom portion of the tube. Although it may...
$525.00 $400.00
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